It is by now obvious to all that nothing much ever happens here. When I launched this site I had imagined that I would do most of my writing on social and political themes here, as, given increasing intolerance for reactionary dissent, it had begun to seem a bad idea to do so at the blog I have maintained for more than a decade under my own name.

So far, though, I’ve been reluctant to take to the cover of a nom de plume. I think it is better, when possible, to own up to one’s views, and so far at least, I’d rather keep writing under my own name. If I had fewer demands on my time, I would write both here and at my public blog, but there is only so much writing I can do, and so I’ve neglected this website. That may well change in future.

Despite the lack of new content, though, the site still gets a fair amount of traffic from people looking for the collected Moldbug and Land articles. I’m glad it serves that useful purpose, at least.