For The Record

This website, which I had originally intended to be an active blog, has become little more than an oft-linked placeholder for three seminal NRx documents — two by Mencius Moldbug, and one by Nick Land. (I decided soon after launching this site that I would rather continue blogging under my own name at my other website. So far, my reactionary scribblings there haven’t landed me on the ducking stool, so I’ll probably keep things as they are for now.)

I visited Nick Land’s website just now, and saw there two things. First, there was a link to a lecture on the Alt-Right by Florian Cramer, in which this website was mentioned as an introduction to Nick Land. Professor Cramer described this site as being “jointly made and jointly maintained by Nick Land and Curtis Yarvin”.

Second, there was a disclaimer by Mr. Land, saying that he had nothing to do with this website.

I’ll take this opportunity to make very clear that neither Nick Land nor Curtis Yarvin have ever had any involvement with this site. I have never met or communicated with Curtis Yarvin, and have had only extremely brief, and very occasional, social-media contact with Nick Land (whom I have never met or spoken to in person). I have no partners or collaborators at all.